Vernacular type design for Arabic speaking countries


An educational approach to graphic design and Arabic type design from/to the Arab World. Students experiment with a broad range of Arabic typefaces inspired by Arab cultures. Their work is representative of the vernacular cultural of this entire area.

Arabic type design is considered an emerging field if compared to Latin or Chinese type design. There is a growing necessity within the educational systems in the Arab world to create experimental labs and pedagogical methodologies that allow for the creation and development of Arabic fonts.

The past ten years witnessed the emergence of several Arabic type foundries, as small start-ups or as part of already established type design companies, in and outside of the Arab world. These efforts can be considered the seeds for the development of the field of Arabic Type design. However, their contribution remains small in the face of the market and its demands.

The urgency is thus more concrete for different educational institutions to create and document the intellectual discourse that is emerging due to these developments and to help push the boundaries of how Arabic type is designed and consumed. 

The design works are a collection of recent students projects by future young type designers from two universities in Cairo.  The presentation is a selection of rich visuals that describe the vernacular culture in which the featured young designers work.