Using the Adobe FDK for complex-script typefaces

All typefaces within the Adobe Type Library today are produced with the open source-tools of the Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType (AFDKO) — this is true for both Latin and non-Latin fonts. While the workflow on the Latin side is fairly well-documented and straightforward, the non-Latin part might present a few more challenges.

Adobe’s focus on typefaces beyond Latin has made the FDK tools expand their capability, which are now able to create typefaces without any external applications (like e.g. VOLT).

Creating OpenType layout features for non-Latin can also sometimes be a difficult problem, but some public, Adobe-made scripts and extensions facilitate their creation.

Based on the course material taught in his yearly FDK workshops, Frank will present some basic font production principles, and describe a how a workflow for producing a non-Latin font can look like. Explaining the creation and use of various OpenType features for non-Latin fonts will be a second point of focus for his presentation.