Simon Cozens

Simon Cozens is a missionary, computer programmer, and publisher living in Japan. He is the author of the SILE typesetting system.


Simon studied Japanese at Oxford University, but spent most of his degree messing about with computers, including obsessing over Donald Knuth's TeX typesetting system. After a brief career as a computer consultant, he went back to university to prepare for moving to Japan as a missionary. His theological studies involved producing essays which combined English, Japanese, Hebrew and Greek text, which sparked an interest in multilingual typography.


After moving to Japan in 2007, he founded Wide Margin Books, a small publishing company with the aim of promoting new theological ideas from majority world and first time authors. While attempting to automate aspects of Wide Margin's production process, he found that he had accidentally written a typesetting package. A conversation with a friend producing Bibles with complex non-Roman scripts convinced him that there was a need for a new typesetting solution, designed from the ground up with the challenges of multilingual typography and Bible typesetting in mind, and so SILE was born. Since then, he has barely slept.


Kyoto, Japan