Prof. Jae-joon Han

Prof. Han studied visual design under the undergraduate and graduate programmes of Hongik University College of Arts, and learned the foundational skills for Hangeul design from Dr. Byung-Woo Kong, a pioneer of Hangul mechanisation. From the late 1980s to the mid-1990s, Prof. Han invented and utilised innovative Hangeul fonts, such as Konghan and Han. Until recently, he has focused on investigating and promoting the value of Hangeul design by taking on a number of positions: in 2008, he hosted ‘The Spirit of Hangeul’ as an executive director; in 2009, he curated for Gwangju Design Biennale; in 2014, he served as a member of the Hangul Museum opening committee. The theses he has published include ‘Design Philosophy and Principle of Hangeul’ and ‘The Sustainable value of Hangeul’. At present, he is actively engaged in various activities, such as speaking in conferences overseas, planning exhibitions, conducting research, writing, presenting artworks, developing patent products, undertaking collaboration projects with industries and universities, and managing Hangul-related committees. In 2013, he held a private invitational exhibition at Lotte World Adventure. Currently, he is a director of the King Sejong Commemoration Project and chairman of the Korean Society of Typography, as well as a professor at Seoul Women’s University Department of Visual Design. 


Prof. Han has said of his pursuit, ‘The greatest lesson I have learned over the past 30 years since I fell in love with Hangul is that Hangul is a writing system that combines sound, shape, and meaning; Hangul exceeds the roles of other writing systems. Based on this discovery, I have come to believe that Hangul, as a relatively new form of writing system, can be used as a tool for innovative communication’.


Seoul, Korea
Seoul Women's University