Making Noto Sans Tibetan


Noto Sans is a large typeface family consisting of nearly 100 writing systems including historical ones such as Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and has been in continuous development since 2007 by Monotype (CJK by Adobe). Toshi Omagari contributed to the family with four of them, namely Mongolian, Phags-Pa, Lepcha, and Tibetan, the latest addition to the family at present.

Each project has its unique history of development, but generally they fell into one of these patterns: sometimes the designer is a native or can find a specialist, other times nobody had a clue. Take Toshi’s for example, none of his script he worked on had had a sans serif before and he had to invent one, which would sometimes meet with a lengthy feedback loop.

The presentation discusses the design process of his Noto projects in detail, especially the Tibetan. Not only was it of a challenge in design, but also a technical one due to smart components, a new feature in which was still very early in development at the time but there was no better way. The feature will be demonstrated live.