Kang Byung-in

Kang Byung-in is a prominent calligrapher and visual artist in Seoul, Korea. He majored in visual art and design at college and worked at a design company later, as an editing designer at a publishing company for about 20 years. The experiences at those design companies have helped him variously in coming up with the new designs in his calligraphic exploration. He has taught numerous art colleges/institutions including Hong-ik University where he earned his Masters degree. Currently, he is devoting himself to the development of Hangul calligraphy in practical design business and cultural exploration in research.


Kang Byung-in has been adopting the creation principles of Hangul into his work philosophy and showing works that have wholly preserved our life and sound of harmonizing with nature. His calligraphy, which combines chirography with design, promotes the diversity and beauty of the Hangul font through a modern reinterpretation of convergence and tradition. In particular, he explains the creating principles of Hangul in a simple way through calligraphy and actively shows the solidity and imagery of the Hangul font through his own unique interpretation of Hangul as semantic pictography.


Kang Byung-in is expanding the denotations of the Hangul font by his role of presenting not only the phonographic qualities of Hangul, but also showing it to be an extremely creative and scientific letter connoting semantic representation and having artistic value. His work has won many national and international awards and has been published in several art and design publications including Red-dot Awards and ADC. His commercial calligraphy work notably in the field of movie titles, package, and brand design have nationally recognized and impacted the success of business nature in terms of the new conceptual aesthetics of calligraphy. His efforts to expand the design and artistic values of Hangul were recognized and he was awarded the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit from the Korea Design Award in 2012.


Seoul, South Korea
Representative of Sooltong Calligraphy Institute, Director of Korean Calligraphy Design Association