Global typesetting with SILE


Turning global design into print requires a global typesetter: one with an awareness of a wide variety of scripts, languages, typographic and document formatting conventions.

Most computer typesetting systems are either language-specific - which might give superior output for a single language, but then fall down when preparing a multilingual document - or else have their origin in Latin texts. Some of the larger commercial packages written in the West may have support for "exotic" scripts and languages added afterwards, but the choice of supported languages is normally driven by commercial viability, so minority languages have little chance of comprehensive support.

SILE is a new typesetting system, designed from the ground up for the hard problems of global typesetting and multilingual documents. We'll look at some of those hard problems, and how SILE solves them. We'll also look at how to extend SILE for scripts and languages that it doesn't currently support, and how you can use it to solve the hard problems of global typesetting that you have.