Consulting for Foundries


A typeface designer specializing in a non-Latin script can release successful retail fonts and be commissioned to design custom type. However it’s particularly fulfilling to be called in as a consultant on that script on behalf of a foundry; it challenges the designer to interact with peers in multi-faceted ways, exploring the tension of recommending courses of action versus carrying out unilateral design decisions. Typically both parties receive an informal yet valuable education in cross-script collaboration, which can be applied to deepen one’s understanding of the essence of type design.

Using real-world examples from nearly two decades of such consulting experience for Microsoft Typography, TypeTogether, Adobe Type and others, this talk will reveal the macro insights and micro decisions involved in assisting a foundry to release a competent design that it can call its own. From discussions of relative proportions between scripts to details of outline construction, the various ways in which script expertise can be brought to bear for a fellow foundry will be revealed.