Chang Sik Kim

Chang Kim is a typographer, visual communication designer, and educator who obtained two MFA degrees. Prior to joining the faculty of Graphic Design at San Jose State in 2000, he held art director positions at Seoul Graphic Design Center, Korea Herald Weekly, and Hangil-sa publication where he was responsible for leading projects focused on identity design and publication design. Since 1991 he has also taught at several international universities while working as a professional designer. He has devoted his attention entirely to graphic design and communications. He is specifically interested in integrating type and image, especially in the use of visual metaphors and methodologies to conceptualize complex ideas. 


Prof. Kim has published dozens of design books, articles and research papers. Last two decades, he held seven solo exhibitions (Korea, Japan, and USA) that contain works on extremely diverse experimental subjects from image making, character design, typogram, concrete poetry, to branding system design. He has earned numerous awards from national and international competitions including TDC and Print Awards. He was inducted into the KIDP Hall of Fame in 1992 Korea for receiving the Presidential Award for Korea National Design Competition in 1991. He is currently serving as the vice president of KFDA (Korea Federation of Design Associations) and KSBDA (Korea Society of Basic Design & Art). 


Chang Kim is continuing to practice professional design services for a wide range of clients from high tech corporations to special business firms and institution that include Samsung Electronics, Cooliris, Cisco Systems, HP computer, Hyundai Motors, Donghwa Bank, and Celluon, among others. His design practices have evolved to cross from print based design to time based media design that emphasizes dynamic interactive, interface, and information design. His research papers, articles, and work have been recognized by various international associations, organizations and leading design publications including Graphis, Print, How, Baseline magazine, ICOGRADA Conference, AIGA, Logolounge, Designnet, and MAC World Korea.


San Jose
San Jose State University, Department of Design, Graphic Design Program