Kang Byung-in & Timothy Donaldson – Special Event: Calligraphy demonstration in Typography Department

From global design in practice to global design in action - as far as it is appropriate to speak about design when experiencing this amazing encounter of two masters of calligraphy.

We are in a studio of the Department of Typography and Graphic Communication at the University of Reading, packed with people watching Kang Byung-in and Timothy Donaldson sharing a huge sheet of paper for their calligraphic performance. Letterworker, type designer and action calligrapher Timothy Donaldson starts with a quill pen, Kang Byung-in – whom we already introduced - with a brush.

After a while things get more and more mixed, but without loosing character and strength – an ideal of coexistence? After all we understand immediately that writing in all it’s forms is an expression of language with the body – a very archaic und thus unique experience! The audience is swinging between devotionally watching and accompanying enthusiastically the genesis of this eastern-western work of art. This is a very touching moment!