Dr. Fiona Ross – Supporting effective typographic communication in vernacular scripts

Almost impossible not to go off into superlatives when talking about Dr. Fiona Ross. The Associate Professor in Non-Latin Type Design at the University of Reading and Curator of the Department’s Non-Latin Type Collection is one of world’s leading authorities on matters of non-Latin typefaces.

In her closing keynote she once again widens the horizon of the GRANSHAN-conference by »advocating a research-based design methodology« when working in the field of non-Latin typefaces. Referring to scripts of South Asia she offers a whole panorama view on the challenges, hurdles, impacts, needs etc...  From historical research and archiving to an enhanced technological practice intypography and last not least to an inclusion of non-typographic resources (just to mention a few of the demands she lists).

Her goal is »to inspire the design of typefaces to support effective textual communication in vernacular scripts.« And she aims for this goal in an admirable and very much inspiring way.